The villagers of Bil’in located near the Central West Bank city of Ramallah, along with their international and Israeli supporters conducted their weekly demonstration against the illegal Israeli wall on Friday.

The theme of this week’s demonstration was calling on the international community to recognize the Palestinian rights to freedom and statehood, releasing Palestinian political prisoners from prison and lifting the siege imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip.

As is the case each week the protesters marched from the village centre towards the construction of the illegal wall Israel is building on the village land.

As soon as the protestors reached a barricade set up by the Israeli soldiers just outside the village, Israeli troops open fired on the unarmed protesters injuring two of them. Among those injured was Abdullah Abu Rahmah the co-ordinator of the Popular Resistance Against the Wall and Settlement Committee in the village of Bil’in.

Abu Rahmah sustained injuries in the head and was transported to a local hospital in the city of Ramallah.

Also today a group of villagers from Bil’in along with Israeli supporters went to the villagers’ land located on the Israeli side of the wall and planted olive trees to enforce the idea that the land is for the villagers and it was illegally trapped behind the wall by Israel.