After the recent Israeli military escalation in the Gaza Strip and the death of nearly 20 Palestinians by Israeli military fire in the past few days, the Islamic Jihad Movement issued a statement calling for ending negotiations with Israel as it is violating its commitments and ongoing with its invasions and assassinations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The movement called on the Palestinian teams to stop the joint security meetings with Israel and to “stop chasing and obeying the US Administration which acts for the best interest of Israel” while the Israeli army is ongoing with its invasions and every Palestinians area in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Islamic Jihad added that its fighters will retaliate and will join every resistance group in its activities against the Israeli occupation and its ongoing violations.

The Movement also called for ending all sorts of “normalization” with Israel, and called on all factions and residents to be part of the resistance since peace talks with Israel “are like chasing a mirage while the army is committing daily crimes”.

The movement also stated that resistance fighters have the right to resist the Israeli occupation and assaults, and that resistance is a guaranteed right to any nation living under occupation.

Moreover, the movement appealed the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League to take decisive decisions in aiding and protecting the Palestinian people.  

The Islamic Jihad slammed the US support to Israel while the army is conducting daily crimes against the Palestinian people, and slammed the international idleness towards the ongoing assaults.