Four Palestinian civilians were injured, among them one Palestinian journalist, during clashes between Palestinian youth and the Israeli army in the southern West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday morning.
Eye witnesses said Israeli troops clashed with the local residents and forced shops to close and imposed a curfew on several parts of the city. During the clashes the Israelis fired randomly at nearby homes and civilian cars, injuring the four civilians, including a journalist working for the French news agency AFP. The journalist was known as Hazem Baader, 42.

Medical sources stated that all those injured were admitted to the Hebron public hospital and described their injuries as moderate.

The clashes started when the army attacked the demonstration organized by the local residents of Hebron protesting the continuous Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Local youth threw stones at the army after soldiers attacked them with rifle butts and batons.

In Gaza, Israeli attacks since Monday have so far left 22 killed and at least 50 injured in a number of air strikes and ground invasions targeting Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

On Wednesday several similar protests were reported in different cities in the West Bank and in several cities inside Israel protesting the continuing attacks in Gaza