Gazans spent Sunday night in terrifying darkness after the supply of fuel was cut on the area. Hamas sources said that power shortages caused the death of a hospital patient, though this has not been confirmed by another source.
Israeli sources stated that the darkness in the Strip is unnecessary as Israel is still supplying Gaza with at least 75% of their electricity.

According to Israeli daily, Haaretz, the difficulties with supplying power in the Gaza Strip were greater than Israel expected, indicating that the closure of the border crossing increased the difficulties. Haaretz added that the appearance of the fuel shortage in the area is being used to ‘blow up the crisis for its needs, in order to take advantage of the pictures of darkness in Gaza for its public relations needs in the Arab world and the international community’.

Israeli sources also reported that the power, food and medicine shortage issue will be closely followed by Israel. While Israeli security sources reported that Gaza border crossings will remain closed, despite the retreat of Hamas launching missiles.

Translated by Nisreen Qumsieh’ IMEMC News.