Israel allowed Tuesday entry of some fuel shipments to the Gaza Strip on the heels of local and international protests to latest Israeli closure of Gaza, media sources reported.
Society of fuel stations in Gaza downplayed the Israeli move, asserting that the quantities allowed in have been insufficient and that the crisis still persists.

Mahmoud aL-Khuzendar, deputy-chairman of the society, told media outlets today that the Israeli authorities allowed only 45.0000 liters of gasoline, for allegedly humanitarian purposes and that 250.0000 liters of fuel have been received for the Gaza’s power plant, while 200 tons of cooking gas have been received so far.

In a press conference in Gaza city, aL-Khuzendar maintained that a quantity of 45.0000 liters of casoline is insufficient for the civilian life in Gaza.

In the meantime, the popular committee to face the siege voiced its resentment over the continuation of the siege on Gaza, which has affected all aspects of civilian life, considering the entry of fuel Israeli occupation propaganda to defuse international outrage’.

Jamal aLkhudari, a Gaza independent MP, said in a press conference that his committee will continue its moves for lifting the siege completely.

Last Friday, Israel declared a complete closure of all Gaza’s crossings, leaving the Gaza Strip, leaving the Gaza Strip on the brink of a humanitarian crisis, as electricity has been largely cut and life has movement has been partially paralyzed.

In September, Israel declared Gaza a ‘hostile entity’ and began in October imposing a series of ‘apparently punitive measures’ on the population, including fuel supplies cut.

Israel has claimed that its actions on the Hamas-rule coastal region have aimed at stopping homemade shells fire onto nearby Israeli towns.

In June2007, Israel placed Gaza under a strict closure, after the Islamist Hamas movement took over the coastal territory amidst a power struggle with Fatah part of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who embraces a peace strategy.