The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated on Tuesday that the latest Israeli shipment of fuel that entered that the Gaza strip today is not enough, and demanded that Israel immediately ends the siege its army is imposing on the Coastal Region.Abbas’ statement came during a press conference in his headquarters in the central West Bank city of Ramallah while welcoming Maxim Farghagen, the Foreign Minister of Holland.

During the press conference Abbas also condemned the Palestinian resistance home made shells being fired from the Gaza Strip towards nearby Israeli towns and called it irresponsible. He added that his forces are willing to take control of the borders crossings leading in or out of the Gaza strip to facilitate as he called ‘the life of the ordinary people living in Gaza’.

Regarding the ongoing talks with Israel that were reinstated after the Annapolis conference in late November, Abbas said that stopping those talks is not helpful, he said ‘how we will convince Israel of our people’ suffering.’ He added that ‘we oppose the Israeli attacks against civilians, as they risk the peace process; we explained that to the Israelis and to the US President Bush.’