Dozens of Palestinian residents, and peace activists, held a protest on Thursday evening against the ongoing Israeli siege and attacks against the Palestinian residents in the Gaza Strip. The protest was organized by the Al Aqsa Foundation for Rebuilding Muslim Holy Sites.The protesters called for ending the siege and the Israeli attacks against the civilians in the Gaza Strip as its remains under strict siege while sharp shortages of basic medicine, fuels and food supplies continued which increases the suffering of the residents.

Dozens of Israeli policemen surrounded the protesters and issued traffic tickets against vehicles belonging to residents who participated in the protest.

On behalf of the head of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Raed Salah, Sheikh Yousef Al Baz addressed the protesters and slammed the US President, George Bush, saying that “Bush came to teach us about peace while his tanks and war planes are killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to several other areas”.

He also addressed the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, headed by president Mahmoud Abbas, and said that “Israel had to poison Yasser Arafat because he did not bow to any threats”, and called on the leadership remain steadfast instead of “fulfilling dictations”.

Al Baz also addressed the Egyptian leadership to open the borders instead of closing them in front of the hungry and besieged residents who are dying due to lack of medicine and food.

Moreover, Al Baz saluted the residents in the Gaza Strip and called on them to remain steadfast against the ongoing Israel attacks, invasions and assassinations.

Head of the Higher Islamic Council, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, said that the siege against Gaza is meant to humiliate the Palestinian people and force them to surrender, and added that the residents are steadfast in spite of the lack of medicine, electricity, and food.

He also said that the Palestinian in Jerusalem are also suffering as they became totally surrounded by settlement and slammed the recent Israeli decision to construct 7300 homes for Israeli settlers around Jerusalem.

“Israel does not want peace”, he said, “Israel wants us to surrender and remain silent”.