One of the lawyers of the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) visited Al Ramla Prison Hospital on January 23 and managed to meet with a number of Palestinian detainees who are hospitalized there and not receiving treatment the need.The lawyer met with the representative of the detainees at the hospital, detainee Isam Abu Jandal from Jerusalem, who stated that his health condition is gradually deteriorating in spite the fact that he is hospitalized and that he is still having sharp pain in his chest in addition to feeling dizzy very often.

Abu Jandal, who was kidnapped by the army in the northern West Bank city of Jenin on April 2, 2007, is suffering from a heart disease. He said that he is supposed to be examined every six months but was not examined by any specialized physician since his arrest.

The lawyer also met with detainee Nahedh Jadallah from Al Am’ary refugee camp in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Jadallah was kidnapped by the army on July 20, 2007, and needs a surgery on his foot.

Jadallah said that there is a significant number of detainees who are awaiting surgery, and that he was informed that he has to pay 100.000 New Israeli Shekels if he wishes to undergo the surgery.

He added that the food provided for detainees is very bad, and that there are several diseases spreading among the detainees but the administration is not carrying the measures required to stem the diseases..

Meanwhile, the lawyer said that he tried to visit detainee Khalid Al Shaweesh, from Jenin, but the later could not leave his room due to his bad health condition.