The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a press release on Wednesday commenting on the failure of the Security Council in issuing a statement condemning the Israeli violations and siege over the Gaza Strip. The Center stated that “for pure political motivations, the Security Council failed even to issue a binding statement which condemns the collective punishment acts practiced by Israel against the Palestinian civilians”.

The Security Council held a session on Tuesday night to discuss the modifications on a resolution submitted by two Arab Countries regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip.

The two countries said that Israel is using the issue of homemade shells, fired by some groups from Gaza into Israel, as an excuse to continue its violations and collective punishment against the residents.

They added that the International Law bars collective punishment practices.

 US representative to the UN rejected the modified version of the statement which was submitted by Saudi Arabia and Libya, and described it as “unbalanced”.

The Mezan Center for Human Rights slammed the idleness of the Security Council while Israel is violating the basic human rights of the Palestinian people.

The Center added that Israel is imprisoning 1.5 Million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and totally isolating them from the rest of the World, and added that the Palestinian territories are occupied; therefore, the International Law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions must be implemented and respected by Israel.

The Center voiced an appeal to international human rights groups to practice pressures on their government take firm stances that ensures the implementation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories as the main base for ensuring a just and comprehensive peace in the region.