As the Israeli state intensified its prosecution against Arab leaders in the country, the Popular Committee For Defending Public Freedom, part of the Higher Follow-Up Committee, intensified its preparations for the regional conference which will be held in Um Al Fahim Arab town on Saturday February 23.The planned conference will contain four main seminars; the opening seminar will contain notes and discussions including notes by guests from the occupied West Bank, the second seminar will concentrate on the methods the Israeli Security Services and other state security agencies, are using to politically prosecute the Arab leaders in Israel, the third seminar will focus on future challenges and methods for local and international countering of these methods, and the fourth seminar will focus on the developing strategies and the needed means to defend public freedom.  

This conference will be held while Israel is escalating its violations against Arab leaders, parties and institutions. The organizers aim at identifying the challenges as Israeli recently escalating its prosecution measures against Arab leaders , and also aim at increasing public awareness and readiness for future challenges.

Several political movements are expected to participate in the conference in addition to nongovernmental organization, academics and every interested person. The Higher Follow-up committee is expected to publish a detailed agenda of the conference next week.