Israeli media sources reported that an injured Palestinian man lost his arm as Israeli hospital refused treat him.

Israeli sources have reported that Theyab Mahmoud, a resident of Ramallah city had a car accident last week and sustained a serious injury to his arm. The Palestinian ministry of Health got the approval from the Israeli civil administration to move him to the Israeli hospital in Jerusalem where upon arrival they claimed that they don’t have a section for treating such injuries.

Israeli sources also added that the administration of the hospital called another hospital in Jerusalem called ‘Hadasa’ and asked about the possibility of moving him there as he was bleeding dangerously and in immediate need of surgery, but the hospital administration response was also negative, saying that the medical crews had just finished a surgery and would not be able to perform another one.

According to the sources, another Israeli hospital had also been asked to treat the critically injured Palestinian, but the excuse this time was that the hospital was full and could not take in even one more.

According to the medical crews of the Israeli hospital who accompanied Mahmoud reported that he continued bleeding until he lost the chance for receiving treatment for his injured arm, which resulted in it being amputated. They also confirmed that Mahmouds arm could have been recovered if the surgery was performed on him by any of those hospitals.

Many sick Palestinians, who cannot be treated in the Palestinian hospitals as they lack the necessary medical equipments, are obliged to search for treatment in Israeli hospitals, but often get turned away even if they have permission to enter Israel.

Translated by Nisreen Qumsieh – IMEMC News.