The Palestinian Popular (Folk) Committees reported on Monday that an extremist settlers group attempted to  demolish a Palestinian house in Bani Neim village, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron. The settlers are from Bani Hefar illegal settlement outpost. The settlers attacked the home, which is mainly under construction, destroyed the windows, doors and stones used for constructing the house.

Israeli soldiers were present in the area but did not attempt to stop the settlers.

Azmi Shiokhy, secretary-general of the Committee slammed the attack and stated that it is part of ongoing violations carried by settlers and soldiers in an attempt to force the residents out of the area and cease their land.

Shiokhy added that the ongoing settlement construction and expansion in villages around Hebron, and the rest of the West Bank,  is a direct violation to the rights of the residents and their lands, and a violation to the international law.