The Hamas-dominated government in Gaza says that any truce ‘Tahdiya’ declaration, is now in Israel’s court and linked with the Israeli actions on the ground.
In a statement, faxed to press, the Hamas government believes that ‘ the Palestinian people wont present a free Tahdiya to Israel until the Israeli aggression comes to a halt’.

The statement accused the caretaker Palestinian government in Ramallah of what it termed ‘ circulation of roles’ in terms of cracking down on Palestinian resistance fighters in the occupied West Bank.

The Gaza-based government also confirmed it has been following up the developments on the ground very closely, in light of what the government says ‘ Israeli plans to undermine the Palestinian national project’.

‘ What is going on in the occupied east Jerusalem , mainly the Judizing of the Arab city by constructing 111 housing units as well as planned building of thousands more, is intended at transforming the holy city’, reads the statement.

Since taking over the coastal region last June, amidst a power struggle with Fatah part of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, the Islamist movement has been placed under immense Israeli pressure, aimed at ending its rule in Gaza.

Recently, some Israeli officials hinted at Israel’s willingness to end the rule of Hamas in the context of one year maximally.