One of the lawyers of the Nafha Society for Defending the Rights of the Detainees and Human Rights managed recently to visit a female detainee, an activist in human rights, after she was barred from her visitation rights and was interrogated and confined to solitary for twenty days.Detainee Ahlam Jawhar, 30, from Huwwara village, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, was subjected to ongoing physical and psychological pressures during interrogation and was deprived from sleeping in addition to being under constant interrogation.

Jawhar was kidnapped by Israeli soldiers at the Huwwara military roadblock on January 1, 2008, and was moved to interrogation cells in Petah Tikva Israeli prison.   

She is still barred from family visitation, the lawyer stated.

The Nafha Society voiced an appeal to human rights organizations and organizations active in defending the rights of women to practice pressures on the Israeli Authorities to improve the living conditions of the detainees, including more than 125 female detainees imprisoned by Israel.

On Monday, February 4 2008, the Palestinian Center for Detainees’ Studies issued a press release on Monday revealing that Israel is currently holding more than 365 Palestinian children captive in its prisons, including 100 children who are 13-15 years old.