The Israeli army killed early on Sunday dawn four Palestinian resistance fighters, wounded 15 and rounded up 25 residents in southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah. Palestinian medical sources announced that Ibrahim Sabbah,21, Abdelsalam Abu Sosin, Abdelkarim Alhalban and Naser Abu Shabab, and more than 15 others have been wounded when resistance fighters encountered an Israeli army incursion into eastern Rafah city in southern Gaza Strip.

The Salah Eldin brigades of the Popular Resistance Commiittees, calimed that three of the killed belonged to its ranks.

Witnesses said that an Israeli army undercover unit infiltrated into the vicinity of Gaza international airport, as tanks on the ground and drones overheads, backed the infiltration.

Israeli media sources said that the Israeli soldiers clashed with the resistance fighters after rounding up at least 25 Palestinians over the age of 45 in the targeted area, from which the Israeli army says Palestinians fire homemade shells into adjacent Israeli areas .

Also, the Israeli army bulldozers razed vast areas of Palestinian-owned lands in the area, under the pretext of preventing homemade shells fire, the sources added.

In the meantime, fighter, Ala’a Abu Haddaf, 21, of the Hamas’s armed wing Ezzieldin aL-Qassam, has been announced dead after having been battling with sounds he sustained earlier during a clash with Israeli soldiers.