Israeli radio reported Monday that a prisoner swap deal between Israel and holders of Israeli soldier Gil’ad Shalit in Gaza is likely, as Israel gave consent to the release of 230 Palestinian prisoners after loosening stance over those with ‘blood on their hands’.
Both sides are still divided on the remaining 120 prisoners, Hamas wants to be released in the first stage of the prisoners exchange deal, while Israel still refuses.

A breakthrough in the matter took place after Israel loosened its position over ‘ prisoners with blood on their hands’, a term set by a special ministerial committee, upon which Israel earlier agreed to release 44 prisoners on the Hamas’s list, the radio

Talks on prisoners exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, have been mediated by Egyptian officials, as a series of related meetings in Cairo have been held since the Israeli soldier has been captured in June2006.

Shalit was captured by Hamas and other two groups linked to Hamas in a cross-border resistance attack in the southern Gaza Strip of Rafah. ‘

The capture of Shailt sparked a large-scale Israeli response , in which the Israeli army killed about 500 Palestinian men, women and children and devastated the Gaza’s infrastructure installations, such as homes, ministerial buildings and bridges.