Palestinian medical sources reported that in recent period Israeli soldiers shot and injured several Palestinian children, and harshly attacked and clubbed others, as they were playing near the Annexation Wall in villages around Jerusalem.Sa’id Yaqeen, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall stated that undercover forces guarding the Wall chased Mohammad Salim Abu Eed, from Biddo village and severely punched and clubbed him.

The child was badly injured and lost consciousness  before the soldiers transferred him to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem.  After the child recovered, soldiers kidnapped him and transferred him to an unknown destination.

Yaqeen added that in Qotna village, five children were injured by Israeli military fire as they were playing near the Wall.

Four of the children were identified as Mohammad Nasser Al Faqeeh, 16, Moath Tabanja, Mohammad Ahmad Al Faqeeh,  13, Mohammad Mustafa Shamasna.

Yaqeen stated that the Annexation Wall which was constructed around Palestinian village north west of Jerusalem three years ago transformed these village into isolated cantons, separated from each other and isolated from Jerusalem and Ramallah.

He voiced an appeal to different human rights groups, especially groups defending the rights of children, to intervene and stop the Israeli violations, and the ongoing violations carried by soldiers guarding the Wall.