Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, stated yesterday that the aim of the Israeli state is guaranteeing a safe, democratic national homeland for every single.’We might be obliged to cede a part of Israel during any negotiations process with the Palestinians’, Livni told a Jerusalem conference.

She added that there should be a strong response to what she termed ‘terror’, wile Israel should continue peace negotiations with whom she termed ‘ pragmatic’ Palestinians until significant decisions are taken.

Israeli foreign minister, who is also head of the negotiating team, had earlier dismissed possibility for a Palestinian state soon, with Hamas holding control of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza continue to carry out resistance attacks against Israel, as the Israeli occupation authorities, have been placing the coastal region since Hamas has taken over the region in June of last year amidst a power struggle with Fatah party of President Abbas, who holds peace talks with Israel.

The Islamist Hamas came to power after January2006’s parliamentary elections, and since then it has been dismissed by Israel and the west.

In addition, the Israeli army has killed more than 300 Palestinians, including dozens of civilians, over the past year, while Palestinian resistance homemade shells fire killed two Israelis in the same period.