Palestinian sources reported that four Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire during three different attacks on the Gaza strip on Monday. Hussam Abu Hieen was killed when Israeli jet fighters shelled residential areas east of Gaza city on Monday at dawn, medical sources reported. Meanwhile Hani Abu Salah and Tha'er Misbah were killed when Israeli drones, fired missiles at a group of resistance fighters in Khan Younis city in the southern part of the Gaza strip. Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of the elected Hamas movement said that the three men killed by the Israeli aerial bombing of Gaza city and Khan Younis were members of their organisaton. Midhat Awad, 20, was found dead, on Monday near the Gaza international airport located east of Gaza city. Local sources reported that Awad was killed by invading Israeli troops that attacked the area on Sunday. Israeli tanks and bulldozers invaded the Gaza international airport area and attacked Palestinian homes , during an attack that started Sunday morning and finished on Monday at dawn. Israeli troops snatched around 15 Palestinian civilians and moved them to unknown locations.