Israeli sources reported that an Israeli man was killed on Wednesday afternoon Palestinian fighters fired homemade shells at the Israeli Negev town of Sdeort.Medical sources in Israel said that Roni Yechiah, 47 was hit by several shell fragments in his chest and died of his wounds.

Israeli military sources reported that fighters in Gaza fired at least 50 homemade shells at the Western Negev on Wednesday, some of which hit Sapir College near Sderot in which Yechia was killed and that three were hospitalized.

The sources added that one homemade shell hit a poultry factory in an industrial zone in the Negev. Several homemade shells were also fired at Ashkelon.

Meanwhile, Israeli member of Knesset and chairman of the Meretz party,Yossi Beilin, said that the Israeli government should not ignore Hamas in the Gaza Strip and should hold talks with the movement “instead of depending on luck and hoping that Qassam shells won’t kill”, Israelis, Ynetnews reported.

 Twelve Palestinians were killed in separate sraeli air strikes and shelling in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, with three of the casualties children. Seventeen residents were wounded.

While the Israeli army says that its airstrikes aim to end the home-made Qassam shelling against Israeli targets, Palestinian resistance fighters say they fire these shells as a response to continuous Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians and resistance fighters.
At least 12 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, including three children in seven air strikes that hit residential areas and farmlands.