Palestinian medical sources stated that 10 Palestinians were killed on Sunday due to ongoing Israeli army attacks of the Gaza strip; the number of Palestinian killed by the Israeli army in the Palestinian coastal region now totals 98.Two Palestinian resistance fighters, from the Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, were killed and another injured on Sunday at midday when Israeli jet fighters targeted a group of Palestinian fighters east of Jabalyia town in the northern part of Gaza.

Earlier in the day, Ahamad Abu Wardah was killed when Israeli troops opened fire on his house in Jabalyia town. Medics said that Israeli troops shot Abu Wardah and then prevented the ambulance from reaching him. Abu Wardah bled to death.

On Sunday morning medics found the bodies of Raja’ Attallah, 31 and her sister Ibtesam, 25. Their house is located in Jabalyia refugee camp and was bombed by Israeli jet fighters Saturday night. Their parents and two brothers were also killed in Saturday’s attack.

Sunday morning, Khlaid Rayian, from the Al Qassam brigades, was pronounced dead from wounds incurred during Jabalyia clashes with invading Israeli troops.

Another two were also killed on Sunday morning. Thabet Dardonah, and Wesam Abed Raboh were shot by Israeli troops in Jabalyia and left to bleed to death, Medics added that there was also a girl who was shot and killed in her home in Jabalyia, with ambulance crews once again prevented from reaching her.

With the ten killed on Sunday the death toll in Gaza since Wednesday has reached 98. On Saturday at dawn the Israeli army started a ground offensive targeting Jabalyia town and the nearby refugee camp. By Saturday night Israeli attack left 56 Palestinians killed, 36 of whom were civilians.

Today the Palestinian ministry of Health in Gaza announced that some hospitals in Gaza can not provide medical care because they have no electricity or medical supplies.

The Israeli army has kept Gaza under siege since June 2007, leaving Gaza suffering from severe shortages of medicine, food, electricity, and fuel supplies.