Cairo has prepared an ‘overall’ plan towards ending underway closure of Gaza, resorting to calm and reopening all Gaza’s crossings, the London-based Al-Hayat Arabic newspaper reported Sunday.

Egyptian diplomats revealed to the paper that such a plan has been welcomed by the United States and Europe, yet it is faced with some difficulties on the ground.

The diplomatic sources also said that Cairo has thought over the plan following the breach of its borders by besieged Palestinian crowds in January, as the Israeli closure of the coastal enclave happened to reach a climax.

According to the Al-Hayat, the proposed plan includes:

1. Lifting the Israeli siege and reinstalling the 2005’s Rafah crossing terminal operation agreement, despite Hamas’s reservations.
2. Israel should consequently ease its siege on Gaza in return for halting Palestinian homemade shells fire from Gaza into nearby Israeli towns.
3. Hamas should allow the return of Fatah-loyal forces to working at the crossings.
4. Israel should, in return, refrain from attacking Gaza or carrying on targeted killings.

The diplomats, who spoke in a condition of anonymity, pointed out that Egypt has been urging all parties concerned to deal with the situation as a package, bearing in mind advantages and disadvantages.

The plan’s implementation is, however, faced with some difficulties, such as prolonged communications and much more follow up, the diplomatic sources made

In June of last year, Israel closed all Gaza’s border crossings in the aftermath of a Hamas-Fatah power struggle. The closure reached a peak by January, when hundreds of Palestinians flooded into nearby Egypt for essential supplies.