Mohammed Bakri, the producer of a film titled “Jenin Jenin”, which details the Israeli invasion into Jenin refugee camp in 2002, is currently on trial in an Israeli court under charges of “libel”.  Five Israeli soldiers brought the charges against the filmmaker because they say the film improperly portrays the events of 2002.

But Bakri testified Sunday that everything in his film is true, and he would swear on any holy book they handed him.


The Judge in the case suggested that the two parties reach an agreement outside of court, but that option was refused by the lawyers for the plaintiffs and the defense.


The soldiers who brought the case against Bakri claim that they participated in the month-long raid on the refugee camp, and they saw no atrocities committed.  They charged the filmmaker with libel, saying that he has improperly accused the Israeli military of wrongdoing.


Bakri stated in court that he did not exaggerate events in his portrayal of the “Jenin massacre”, as it has come to be known.