Emir of Qattar, Hammad Ben Jasem Al-Tani, pledged to the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, whose government has been deposed by President Abbas in June of last year, that he will press for the issue of Gaza siege during the upcoming Arab states summit.
Haniya initiated a phone call with the Qatari leader yesterday, in which the Islamist ruler voiced appreciation for what he termed ‘ noble position’ by the government of Qatar, mainly the constant backing to the Palestinian people.

Haniya also hailed the recent normalization of relation between Qatar and the Saudi Arabia, considering the move an Arab-Islamic interest.

The Islamist Gaza-based leader emphasized on the importance of the upcoming Arab summit meeting, particularly the summit’s ability to break the Israeli siege on Gaza and alleviate the suffering of he Palestinian people.

Arab states’ leaders, presidents and monarchs, will be meeting soon in Damascus , in a regular summit meeting. The last summit reiterated the 2002’s Arab states initiative for peace between Israel and the Arabs, yet Israel refused.

Israel enforced a total closure on Gaza in June of last year, after the Islamist Hamas party wrestled control over the costal region amidst a power struggle with Fatah party of President Mahmoud Abbas.