Consultations are held over expanding the Palestinian deposed government based in the Gaza Strip and headed by Isma’el Haniyeh by appointing ministers to its ministerial council, Palestinian sources said on Saturday.Local sources close to Hamas movement said that ‘the premiership had offered portfolios to some figures that showed readiness for this participation.’

Fahmi al Za’areer, Fatah’s spokesperson, commented on this move and said that ‘this is another proof on Hamas’s intentions of deepening the political and marital separation between West Bank and the Gaza Strip, enforcing of the coupe in all fields and striking the infrastructure of the Palestinian political system as a whole and to the Yemeni initiative.’

He added that ‘Hanieyah [deposed prime minister] does enjoy any legality after being deposed that took place after the bloody coupe in the Gaza Strip.’

Noting that the Hamas movement is giving a new proof that it does not wish success to the Yemeni initiative, Al Za’areer went on saying ‘ Hamas should had worked on making success to the Yemeni initiative instead of aborting it.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had dismissed the national unity government heaed by Ismaiel Hanaieyah after Hamas took control over the Gaza Strip last June.