Khalid Masha’al, head of the Hamas’ political bureau, had called on Friday the Arab leaders and their representatives for the Arab summit that will convene on Saturday in Syria to nurture talks between Hamas and Fatah based on the Yemeni declaration which both signed earlier last week.Masha’al, who is based in Damascus, expressed his movement's readiness to what he described as "seriousness” in dealing with the proposal of mutual and simultaneous calm with Israel after he said that "the home-made shells available to the Palestinian fighters are of a limited range and effect."

In his massage to the Arab leaders on the event of the convening the Arab summit, Masha’al demanded the Arab leaders to stand by the Palestinian people and support their resistance to the Israeli military attacks in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Masha’al also said he hopes the Arab leaders would not blame the latest escalation of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip on the Palestinian resistance, adding that all political efforts and negotiations and conferences had failed to end the Israeli occupation.

“The Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves, their land and holy sites with all available ways […] Its right to the Arab nation including leaders, governments and people is to stand by the Palestinians and to provide them with all elements of steadfastness on their land,” Masha’al maintained.

 He also demanded the convening leaders to put pressure on Israel to lift the siege and to help realize an agreement among the Palestinian factions based on the Yemeni initiatives.