Israeli police detained on Sunday four Palestinians in the Israel city of Tel-Aviv, Israel says were suspected of plotting an attack in the Bet Yam locality to the south of Tel-Aviv.

Israeli media sources earlier reported that the Israeli police squads have been earlier deployed in the outskirts of the city, after they have received a warning of a Palestinian attack.

The sources added that the police personnel placed checkpoints on main crossings, causing large traffic jams.

The Israeli daily of Ma’areef reported that only one hour after the state of high alert was declared, a special Israeli police force stopped a van of the Israeli company of Dan, apprehending four Palestinians inside.

The newspaper added that the detainees were Palestinians who stay illegally inside Israel, and that they were transferred to a an interrogation facility in Tel-Aviv.

The Israeli security services have repeatedly announced such security warnings over the past several months, as Israel continues to strictly close the West Bank and Gaza.

Also the Israeli army has been involved in a series of attacks against Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories, as of early March Israel killed more than 120 Palestinians including 40 children in northern Gaza Strip.

Last month, a Palestinian, holding a Jerusalem ID, opened fire at students of an Israeli religious institute in Jerusalem, killing eight of them.