Palestinian sources reported that two Palestinian fighters were killed and another two injured during armed clashes with Israeli troops in the village of Wadi Al Salqa in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Witnesses reported that an Israeli undercover force invaded the village on Tuesday morning and searched homes there. Later, army tanks and bulldozers invaded the village, a group of the Al Qassam Brigades the armed wing of the Hamas movement clashed with the invading forces. The clashes ended when troops and tanks left Wadi Al Salqa leaving two Qassam fighters killed and two injured. The Al Qassam Brigades announced that the two killed were their fighters and identified them as AbdAllah Al Louhh and Yihyia Al Burak. the brigades added that in response to the Israeli attack the group fired several home made shells at the Israeli military post of Kitsufim, located at the southern Gaza Israel borders, the Israeli army reported no injures among their troops.