Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Friday evening that an infant and a woman died in the Gaza Strip  after the Israeli Authorities barred their transfer to hospitals outside the Gaza Strip for medical treatment.The sources stated that the infant was identified as Mohammad Haniyya. His death rises the number of infants who died due to the ongoing siege to 24.

Also, the Popular Committee Against the Siege reported earlier on Friday that a woman died on Friday at a Gaza hospital after being barred from leaving the Gaza Strip for medical treatment.

The Committee identified the woman as Itaf Ahmad Zaqqout, 52, and added that she suffered from clogged arteries.

 Her family said that she was repeatedly barred by the Israeli Authorities from leaving the Gaza Strip for medical treatment.  

The ongoing siege on the Gaza Strip emptied its hospitals from the basic medical equipment and medications.

123 Palestinians patients, including 24 children and 43 women, died due to the ongoing siege.

Moreover, 32 Palestinians patients died at the Rafah Border Terminal and other terminals after arriving at the terminals and having to wait there for extended periods.