This weeks Indy Global Reports was recorded in the village of Marda, in the middle of the West Bank International activists and environmentalists from across the world, Palestine and Israel came together to join a workshop which was originally to be led by Star Hawk, author and activist. Star Hawk was denied entry to Israel and deported from Ben-Gurion airport last week. Local activists put out an emergency call for workshop leaders, and the course was able to take place. I went to Marda to speak with the participants and organisers.This weeks show brings interviews with the founder of Palestine's first ever perm-a-culture project and training programme, Muyud AL Khufal who discusses the importance of environmental activism for the survival of Palestine. Alice Gray Palestinian based British environmentalist and founder of WWW.Life presents some of the eco- challenges facing the Palestinians and Israelis. Thomas Pearson one of the founders of the Tortoise garden project in Beit Sahour a community experimental farming project, talks about why finds Palestine a positive working environment. And Indy Global Reports finishes with episode 13 of's "This week in Palestine" a round up of the last weeks news from across the West Bank and Gaza."