More than 30 Israeli tanks rolled early this morning into the eastern parts of Jabalya refugee camp, to the north of Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said that the incurring tanks have been stationed, just 100 meters away from the Palestinian-inhabited houses just near the border fence barbed wire with Israel.

Witnesses added that the tanks opened heavy gunfire towards the residential houses with no injuries among inhabitants reported.

The residents expressed their fears that such an incursion might be a prelude to a larger Israeli ground offensive on the area.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army forces, stationed near the southern Gaza Strip town of Kheza’a, opened heavy fire towards residential buildings, causing a state of panic among the inhabitants, especially children.

Local media sources reported that the Israeli army took prisoner Ibrahim Abu Rouk, a 65-year-old local farmer of kheza’a town, after wounding him.

Palestinian sources in Gaza were reported as warning of a large-scale ground offensive on the costal territory amidst stalemate of talks on ceasefire that end Israeli attacks and Palestinian homemade shells fire.