The Media Office of Asrana (Our Detainees) Center slammed the prison administration at Eshil Israeli detention facility for issuing an order barring 40 detainees from Jerusalem from their visitation rights to five consecutive weeks. Monthir Abu Roomy, head of the Asrana Media Office in Jerusalem, said that this decision is illegal and falls under the ongoing Israeli illegal practices against the detainees and their families.

He added that the Fourth and Fifth Geneva Conventions grantee the rights of the detainees to meet their families under Red Cross Supervision.   

Moreover, one of the lawyers of the Palestinian Prisoners Society filed an appeal to the administration of the Be’er Shiva Prison to grant him a permit to visit Palestinian detainees at the detention facility.

Abu Roomy demanded the Human Rights Commission , the International Red Cross and Arab members of Israeli Knesset to intervene and void the decision which harms the basic rights of the detainees to have visitations.     .