An Israeli shell tore through a Palestinian home in the northern Gaza Strip village of Izbit Abed-Rabo, near Beit Hanoun, early Monday morning, killing four siblings under the age of six and their mother. The army also killed one fighter, member of armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, and a 17-year old youth.

Dr.Mo'awiya Abu Hasanin, chief of emergency and ambulance department at Gaza's health ministry, confirmed that the four children and their mother were from the Moatiq family. The slain children were identified as Ahmed Abu Moatiq, 1 year old, Hanna, 3, Saleh, 4, Rodaina, 6.

Also, resident Ayoub Atallah, 17, was killed and his friend Moatassim Sualem was seriously injured. Medical sources reported that Ibrahim al-Jahjouah, member of the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, was killed as well – the shelling was apparently an extrajudicial assassination targeting him.

The Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad stated that one of its fighters was killed during clashes with troops invading Beit Hanoun.

The Brigades identified the fighter as Ibrahim Al Hajouj. He was killed during gun clashes with Israeli troops invading Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israeli army sources stated that one soldier was shot and wounded in clashes with resistance fighters.

The Israeli policy of extrajudicial assassinations has been largely condemned by the international community, and is a direct violation of international law and signed agreements, as "collateral damage", or civilian casualties, inevitably accompany the assassinations. Nevertheless, Israeli forces continue to carry out targeted assassinations on a nearly-daily basis.

According to local sources, the shelling occurred during an Israeli invasion of Beit Hanoun, during which the military closed all entrances and exits, and imposed a full lockdown on the area.

This attack comes several hours before representatives of various Palestinian factions were set to hold talks in Cairo on the possibility of a truce with Israel. The various armed Palestinian groups had expressed willingness to engage in a ceasefire with Israel, and an offer was put forward last week by the ruling Hamas party, but the offer was rejected outright by the Israeli government.

Israeli tanks kill five Palestinians including four children of one family

Rami Almeghari – IMEMC & Agencies, Monday April 28, 2008 10:01

 The Israeli army tanks killed on Monday morning five Palestinian residents including four children of one family in the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun.

Dr. Mo'awiya Abu Hasanin, chief of emergency and ambulance department at Gaza's health ministry, confirmed the death of five residents and injury of 7 others, after the house of Abu Mo'ataq family was shelled by the Israeli tanks.

Those children were identified as Saleh Ahmad Abu Mo'ataq, 4, Hana' Ahmad Abu Mo'ataq, 6, Rudeina Ahmad Abu Mo'ataq, 7 and Mos'ab Ahmad Abu Mo'ataq, 1, while the fifth remained unknown up to writing this report.

In the early hours of morning, the Israeli army forces were reportedly deployed in the outskirts of Beit Hanoun, after incurring into the streets of Al Sultan and the railway amidst sporadic gunfire.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army troops pulled back from the eastern parts of Deir Elbalah city in central Gaza Strip, after thrusting into the area and razing vast areas of arable lands.

Palestinian security sources confirmed that the Israeli army arrested 30 Palestinian residents before it withdrew from Deir Al Balah.