An Israeli army tank shelled on Sunday morning a Palestinian-owned house in the southern Gaza Strip town of Kheza’a, killing a civilian man and wounding two other inhabitants.
Palestinian medical sources said that Hussam aL-Najjar, 42 year-old-man, was killed and at least two other Palestinians were wounded, with tank shells shrapnel.

Witnesses said that an Israeli tank shell landed on a house , just close to the Israel-Gaza border line in the southern Gaza Strip town of Kheza’a and that the Israeli fire caused the death of Najjar and the injury of another inhabitant of the house.

Conflicting reports said that four other Palestinians were wounded in the Israeli attack on Kheza’a, including three fighters of the ruling Hamas party in Gaza, after they had clashed with the invading forces.

The Israeli incursion into this Palestinian town came under the cover of warplanes as the army bulldozers razed vast areas of arable lands , near the border fence with Israel.

Last week, an Israeli tank shell landed on a house in northern Gaza Strip, killing a woman and her four children. Then, the Israeli army said it would conduct investigations into such civilian deaths.