The Ahrar Center For Detainees’ Studies stated that Israeli soldiers broke on Tuesday at dawn into the house of the detained legislator Dr. Azzam Salhab in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, searched the property and kidnapped his son and his son-in-law.The Center stated that at least three military vehicles surrounded the house before the soldiers broke into it and searched it causing damage to the property.

Legislator Salhab was kidnapped by the army more than three years ago.

The wife of Salhab stated that soldiers hurled stones at the doors and windows of the house before breaking into it, and that when her son, No’man, stepped out to see what going on; soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded him before taking him to an unknown destination. Soldiers also kidnapped the legislators’ son-in-law.

The Ahrar Center reported that the ongoing attacks against the houses of the kidnapped legislators and ministers, and the kidnapping of their sons, are examples of the illegal Israeli policies and practices against the representatives of the Palestinian people.

Head of the Center, Fuad Al Khuffash, said that the Israeli army carried repeated similar attacks against legislators and officials such as the detained legislator, Marwan Barghouthi, as the army also kidnapped his son and imprisoned him for an extended period.

Israel is currently holding 49 legislators and ministers captive without any legal basis.