Um Ismail, the wife of detainee Jom’a Ismail Mousa, voiced an urgent appeal to human rights and legal groups to ensure that her husband is medically examined due to a sharp deterioration in his health condition. Another detainee, Mahmoud Da’ajna, needs an urgent open-heart surgery.Um Ismail said that he husband is imprisoned at Al Ramla Prison Hospital, which lacks the basic medical equipment, after his health condition had sharply deteriorated.

She added that Mousa suffered recently from a skin condition which makes him itchy the whole time, in addition to his diabetic situation, high blood pressure, Asthma, and a heart condition.

She said that when she visited her 69 year old husband at Al Ramla Prison Hospital she found out that the current condition of her husband had worsened when a physician injected him incorrectly in his arm.

Um Ismail also added that she headed to the Red Cross, the Palestinian Prisoner Society and the Mandela Institute in order to help her in sending a specialized physician to examine her husband.

She expressed worry and fear on the health condition of her husband as he spent 15 years in Israeli prisons, including 13 years in Al Ramla Prison hospital. He was sentenced to one life-term.

Moreover, representative of the detainees in Asqalan (Ashkelon) Israeli prison voiced an appeal to the Palestinian Minister of Detainees, and several human rights groups to help a detainee from Jerusalem in acquiring the needed medical care.

The detainee, Mahmoud Da’ajna, needs an urgent open-heart surgery while the Israeli prison administration is not providing him with the needed medical treatment and delaying his transfer to a specialized hospital. Da’ajna was imprisoned 15 years ago and is serving a life-term.