Palestinian sources reported on Sunday that the Israeli police in Jerusalem interrogated Adnan Al Husseini, the advisor of president Mahmoud Abbas for Jerusalem Affairs, and Hatim Abdul-Qader, the advisors of Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, for six hours.The Israeli police demanded the two Palestinian officials to halt their activities in Jerusalem, and threatened to prosecute them if they fail to do so.  Al Husseini and Abdul-Qader stated that these threats and violations will not be successful in stopping their activates in the city.

Al Husseini said that Palestinians in Jerusalem are holding seminars and talks regarding their conditions in the city, as they are facing harsh social, political, and economical conditions.  They stated that Israeli police are not allowing them to publicly talk about the violations carried by the Israeli government and the Jerusalem municipality on the Palestinian residents.

He added that the residents have the right to express their opinions and that Israel does not have the right to stop such activities.

“I am from Jerusalem,” he said, “I have the right to participate in activities carried out by Jerusalem residents.”

Meanwhile, Abdul-Qader said that the Israeli police consider these activities in the city and field visits to some areas as illegal “since its harms the Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.”

Abdul-Qader added that he is extremely concerned by the Israeli obstacles and stated that Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian territories, and that the Israeli presence in East Jerusalem is occupation.  Last Wednesday, the Israeli police broke into the houses of Al Husseini and Abdul-Qader and ordered them to report to a police station in Jerusalem for interrogation.