According to Israeli sources, a 70-year old woman on tour in Israel was killed by a Palestinian homemade shell on Monday.The Palestinian shells, which are crude and homemade, are impossible to aim, and usually land in the Negev desert.  Occasionally they hit locations in Israeli towns constructed next to the Gaza Strip.


In this instance, the victim was in a new development called Moshave Yesha, located 15 kilometers east of the Gaza Strip, when a shell hit the building where she was located.


This is the second instance in three days in which civilians were killed by Palestinian shells.  This is an unusually high casualty rate for Palestinian shells.


According to the Israeli military, as a result of Palestinian shells, since 2001, 10 people were killed, and 43 were injured, most of whom were civilians.  In contrast, in that same time period, 5,003 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.  Human rights groups have estimated that 80% of those killed on both sides were civilians.