The detained Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Ahmad Saadat, stated during a court hearing on Monday that the Right of Return of all refugees is a Red Line and called for reconciliation between Fateh and Hamas.Saadat said that the Right of Return is the “bridge which links the Palestinians with their historic and national rights”, and called on resuming resistance until establishing a democratic Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.

The statements of Saadat came during the opening of an Israeli court hearing in Ofer military court, near Ramallah. He was surrounded by several soldiers and court guards.

He called on all factions, especially Hamas and Fateh, to resume internal dialogue in order to end the tension and maintain national unity.

The PFLP leader called for withdrawing the Arab peace initiative and for conducting international campaigns against the Israeli occupation. He stated that Israel should be treated as “a hostile and racist entity”.

He also demanded President Mahmoud Abbas to halt all talks with Israel especially since the Israeli occupation is ongoing with its aggression and the construction of settlements.

Commenting on the court hearing against him, Saadat said that he does not recognize this court or its alleged authority since it resembles the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.

“I reject to be a defendant in this court”, Saadat said, “I do not defend myself as a person, I defend my nation and our just cause”.

It is worth mentioning that the court voided a session which was supposed to be held on May 14, and gave the prosecution a two-month period to submit its written case.  The new session might be held by the end of June.

The Israeli Prison Administration is still barring the family of Saadat from visiting him. Initially this order was set for three months, but Israel renewed it without any explanation.