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The Israeli army kills two Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and kidnaps at least 7 others in the West Bank, these stories and more coming up stay tuned.

The News Cast

On Thursday afternoon, one Palestinian civilian was killed and 14 others injured when Israeli troops opened fire during a peaceful demonstration at the Al Mentar crossing, in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip. Medical sources identified the slain as Abed Al Kareem Aheel, 24; medics said that 3 of the wounded are in critical condition.

The demonstration’s participants were protesting the 11 month Israeli siege on the Palestinian coastal region. Witnesses said that as the soldiers attacked, Israeli tanks and bulldozers invaded nearby Palestinian farm land and uprooted trees.

Two Palestinian resistance groups have carried out a suicide attack at the Eretz border crossing, on the northern Israel-Gaza borders, Thursday morning.

A truck loaded with explosives was driven by a Palestinian to the crossing, where the man blew it up with himself inside. The Al Aqsa brigades the armed wing of Fatah, along with the Al Quds brigades the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, clamed responsibility for the attack. Israeli sources said there were no Israelis injured.

In a separate attack on Thursday morning, in the central Gaza Strip, a Palestinian farmer was killed after Israeli troops opened fire while he and other farmers were working in the fields.

On Thursday, in the old part of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, one Palestinian student and one teacher were injured when Israeli settlers attacked a local Palestinian school.

Palestinian sources said settlers threw empty glass bottles and stones at the students and their teachers. Medical sources said that one student and one teacher sustained mild wounds.

Early Thursday morning, several Israeli army incursions were reported across the West Bank. Palestinian sources said that at least 7 civilians were kidnapped during those attacks.
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