Palestinian farmers from several villages located near the West Bank cities of Ramallah, Tulkarem and Salfit reported on Thursday that wild pigs released by Israeli settlers have attacked their lands and destroyed crops.

In the village of Beit ‘Our, located near Ramallah, farmers said that pigs have destroyed olive trees and farm lands in addition the famers said that Amnah Taleb, 60, from the village was attacked on Thursday by one of those pigs, she escaped with light wounds, the farmers said.

Meanwhile settlers from the Ariel settlement have dumped wild pigs on Thursday near Salfit where they smashed the farmers’ plants.

Mohammad Omran, a local farmer said that the pigs destroyed his tomato seedlings, ruined the earth and trampled on his plants.

Palestinian sources said that pigs attacks against farmers and their crops have been increasing lately, sources in Ramallah said that the settlers is using the wild pigs to force Palestinian farmers to leave their lands so the settlers can take over.