The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) vowed on Sunday to strike back against any Israeli army attack on Gaza.
Abu Ataya, spokesman of the PRC’s armed wing, Annaser Salaheldin brigades, said in a statement, faxed to press, that his committees will not allow any Israeli army’ stupidity’ against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, by striking back against an likely offensive.

‘ the Palestinian resistance has the right to retaliate against the Israeli army actions’, the statement read.

Abu Ataya also highlighted his group’s recent attacks on Israel, saying that 19 homemade shells have been fired onto nearby Israeli towns.

The PRC’s warning came in the backdrop of Israeli officials’ threats to carry out a massive ground military offensive, which Israel says necessary to end homemade shells fire from Gaza onto Israel.

Over the past two weeks, sporadic Israeli army attacks on Gaza targeted operatives of the Palestinian resistance, involving those of the ruling Hamas party, the Islamic Jihad group and others.

The recent Israeli ground offensives on Gaza also caused deaths among civilians and devastation to some houses and vast areas of farm lands in different parts of the coastal territory.

Several weeks ago, the PRC agreed to a ceasefire offer, mediated by Egyptian officials, according to which more than 10 Palestinian resistance factions would stop homemade shells fire if Israeli lifts the 12-month-old Gaza siege and stop attacks on Gaza.

Israel is yet to respond to the ceasefre offer.