One Israeli citizen was killed and five others wounded after a homemade shell landed on the Israeli settlement town of Nir Auz, in the southern Israeli region of Negev, near the Gaza Strip.

Israeli media sources reported that all wounded people were evacuated to the Suruka hospital of Beer Sheva’.

Haieam Ramon, head of the so-called Israeli regional council, was quoted by the media outlets as saying ‘ the alarms didn’t not work as the shell was falling, therefore, there occurred causalities’.

The Alqassam brigades, the armed wing of the ruling Hamas party, claimed responsibility for such an attack, saying it is a response to the Israeli army attacks on Gaza.

Also on Thursday, several armored Israeli army vehicles invaded the southeastern part of Khan Younis city in southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli political analyst Tsikiva Bahzakly, of the Israeli channel ten, commented on the latest homemade shell attack by saying ‘ Hamas wants to pressure on the internal front and the Israeli government to force Israel into accepting the Hamas offer for truce’.

He pointed out that Hamas is currently launching pinpoint homemade shells , relying more on quality rather than quantity’, Bahzakly went onto saying.