Palestinian female detainees, members and supporters of Hamas movement, imprisoned Israel demanded international and local feminist groups to intervene and practice pressure on the Israeli occupation in order void a deportation order against a female detainee and her six children.

The detainees said that they observe with deep concern the Israeli decision to deport detainee Nora Al Hashlamoun, and her six children, to Jordan.

They added that they are astonished by the international silence especially the silence of organizations that defend human rights and the rights of women.

The detainees sated in a letter which was leaked to the press that “it is now the time for all Arab and Palestinians women, for all women around the globe, to voice their support for the release of Al Hashlamoun, instead of her deportation along with her children”.

The detainees added that “the Palestinians and Arabs are disappointment that 41 years after the second Nakba, (the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, in 1967), the occupation is still ongoing with its crimes against the people, and its machines are still killing our people and wounding them”.

They added that Palestinian detainees are spending years behind bars under oppression and ongoing violations “while the world is drowning in silence and failing to stop the crimes of the occupation”.