Three leftists Palestinains groups; Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and the Palestinian People Party (PPP) held a meeting in the Gaza Strip, discussed the reconciliation initiative of president Mahmoud Abbas, and welcomed all calls for internal dialogue and reconciliation.

The three leftist groups stated that they have always supported all initiatives and efforts of reconciliation and that they have always presented similar initiatives calling for a comprehensive dialogue based on the Cairo Agreement, the National Unity Agreement and the Yemini Initiative.

The groups also called on all factions, especially Fateh and Hamas movements, to positively respond to the calls of Abbas for a comprehensive dialogue in order to end the current crisis and the divisions which serve the interest of the occupation.

“Our unity is our power”, the groups said, “It is our means for liberation, independence and the Right of Return”.

The three groups appealed the Palestinians, their civil societies and their national and social figures to act to facilitate the talks in order to achieve national reconciliation “which will help us all stand united against the occupation, the settlements and the siege”.

At the end of their statement, the groups called on the Arab League and its secretary-general to adopt and supervise the comprehensive dialogue and provide it with all the means of success.

Several Palestinian factions, including the Islamic Jihad and the National Struggle Front, also issued statements welcoming unity talks.