Scores of Palestinian journalists working for deferent media outlets protest on Monday midday in Gaza city.

The march was organized to demand that the Israeli army releases the out comes of the investigation that was done regarding the death of Fadel Shana’a.

Shana’a used to work as a Cameraman for Reuters, he was based in the Gaza Strip, two months ago he was documenting an Israeli invasion in the southern part of Gaza when Israeli tanks opened fire at him killing him.

The journalists also implemented a five mints strike on Monday. Several speeches were done by the organizers, Shames Odeh, a Palestinian Journalist in Gaza, demanded international human right groups involvement in protecting the Palestinian press from the attacks of the army.

Khalil Abu shamalih, from Al Damer center for human rights, plamed the Israeli army for trying to hide its crimes; he also criticized the Reuters News Agency for not pressuring the Israeli army to release the investigation into Shan’a death.