An official from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party told the Palestinian News Network, PNN, that a delegation from Fatah has arrived in the Gaza strip on Tuesday. The official who was speaking under conditions of anonymity said that the delegation included Hikmat Zied, the Palestinian Presidential Advisor for District Affairs, Marwan Abed Al Hamed, the Palestinian Presidential Advisor for Housing Developmental Affairs and Abdullah Abdullah, a Fatah MP in the West Bank. However the Fatah officials will not meet with Hamas, rather they will meet only Fatah officials based in the Gaza Strip, the Fatah sources reported. This is the first Fatah delegation to enter the Gaza Strip, after the Hamas movement took over the Palestinian coastal region in June 2007, ending a long year of bloody internal infighting between Hamas and Fatah. Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections of 2006, and Fatah won the presidency race in the same year.