The Israeli Knesset –parliament- agreed this week to conduct an urgent session to discuss the attack of settlers on a Palestinian family living in a village near the southern West Bank city of Hebron earlier this month. A group of Israeli settlers located near Sousia village attacked the al Nawa'jah family home on June 8th, assaulting 70-year old Khalil, his wife Tammam, 68, and their relative Yousif, 32. Tammam was transported to an Israeli hospital due to the seriousness of he wounds. The attack was caught on tape and was handed to media agencies. The Israeli parliaments decision to discuss the case was based on a petition filed by the Arab member of the Parliament Jammal Zahalka. He said that this is just a fraction of what Palestinians have to face from the Israeli settlers. Human right groups working in the Hebron areas say that settler attacks against Palestinian farmers happens daily, but rarely get to be caught on video.