Four Israelis have been killed and 30 were wounded, two seriously, as a bulldozer attacked a bus and a number of cars in Jaffa street in West Jerusalem on Wednesday midday.Israeli sources said a Palestinian from Jerusalem, identified as Tayyser Dowikat age 31 carried out this attack, and was shot by Israeli police who were in the area. The attacker according to an Israeli police source had a criminal record.

No Palestinian groups claimed responsibility for the attack.

However, Abu Ahmad, of the Islamic Jihad told Al-Jazeera TV, said the movement does not have information about this attack. He added that this is a natural rsponse to the ‘Israeli daily crimes’ against the Palestinian people.

In a report by International Soldiery Society for human rights on Monday the Society stated that the Israeli army has killed 35 civilians and kidnapped at least 320, from Gaza and the West Bank during the month of June 2008

The report shows that during the month of June 2008 the Israeli army killed in total 35 Palestinians, 29 in the Gaza Strip and six in the West Bank.

According to Israeli sources, the assailant of Wednesday’s attacks hit a number of cars, before he hit a bus with the bulldozer turning it on its side. The sources believe the bulldozer driver came from a nearby construction site. The area where the attack took place is dominated by orthodox Jews.

The Israeli Magen David Adom rescue services said that a total of 30 people were taken to Jerusalem hospitals, including two in serious condition.

The Israeli police announced state of high alert in Jerusalem.