Head of the special UN committee on Human Rights in Palestine, Prassed Kariyawasam, stated on Wednesday that the Israeli violations against human rights in Palestine, has increased poverty and destroyed the Palestinian economy in the coastal region.

He added that the deteriorating conditions in the Palestinian territories and the grave situation in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the Israeli Annexation Wall in the occupied West Bank and settlements are worsening the conditions in the Palestinian territories and causing further deterioration to the humanitarian condition.

 The statements of Kariyawasam came during a press conference in Amman – Jordan on Tuesday. He stated that his statements rely on testimonies of those who visited Palestine and observed the situation there. Members of the UN committee on Human Rights were not allowed to visit the occupied territories.

 He added that the committee is supported by all UN member countries except for the United States as it also using the veto against all recommendations against the Israeli violations.

The special UN Committee is preparing a report on the Israeli violations in the Palestinian territories and is expected to submit a report to the UN General Assembly later this year.